Building A Strong Future For Luton

Luton Labour wants the very best for Luton and this means a strong local economy that provides quality jobs, transforming our town and ensuring that all our communities benefit through this long term inclusive growth.
We must plan for the people of Luton in the best way possible and we have started on that journey. Our Luton Investment Framework is making a real difference and we are on target to change lives.
Last year Luton had the fastest private sector job growth in the country and the largest increase in real wages. Our young people achieved best Key Stage 2 improvements in the country for Maths in 2017 and we received an Ofsted “Outstanding” rating for our apprenticeship service in 2017.

So you can see that positive change is happening:
Luton Labour will ensure that no-one will be left behind – it’s about providing life changes for all of our community. Luton Labour will tackle poverty through job creation and improve health and well-being. We will work with our partners to improve skills that will ensure all our communities have the opportunity to gain from the 18,000 jobs being created over the next 20 years. Luton Labour will ensure we work even more closely with our communities, respect our environment and build a solid future with Luton’s people at the heart of all we do.

Our Manifesto sets out our plans to continue building on the progress to date.
Luton Labour will:
·        Build a strong local economy – by growing Luton Airport and providing good jobs and prosperity for the town

·        Invest more in our young people – by reviewing and improving our Youth Service provision and supporting more apprenticeships.

·       Tackle Anti-Social behaviour – by expanding the Neighbourhood Enforcement Team and continuing to work closely with the Police

·         Revitalise our town centre – by developing a Town Centre Masterplan and continuing to campaign to rebuild  Luton Train Station

·        Focus on decent homes for all – by delivering 400 social rented homes by 2022 and tackling rogue landlords in the private rented sector.

Luton Labour cares passionately about Luton. We live in the town and use the local services. We will ensure that we make ourselves available at local surgeries, by telephone and email.
Luton Labour will be the local champions of Luton.
This is Labour’s ambitious plan for Luton and I assure you this will be for the many and not the few.

Hazel Simmons
Luton Council