Bringing A Real Change For The Many Not The Few…

The huge increase in the use of foodbanks in places like Luton are one of the reasons I have fought so hard against the Tory’s implementation of Universal Credit – and ensured that trade unionists in the region are fully trained advisers, after personally securing a national training agreement between GMB and CPAG providing support for low paid workers navigating the complex system.

With nearly 10,000 jobs directly reliant on manufacturing in Luton as a whole, worth just shy of £500 million to the local economy, it is vital that there is a strong voice for these industries in Luton North – my lobbying with manufacturing workers recently led me taking a group from a variety of
workplaces to grill Michael Gove at the Cabinet Office, where I also put him under pressure regarding smooth trade at our ports and pushing him to reveal that Government is planning some support for businesses following Brexit and as MP for Luton North, I will be holding him to that.

My current role heading up a £3million Unionlearn project at Heathrow Airport gives me direct insight into the needs of airport workers and the surrounding communities, albeit on a smaller scale at Luton Airport.

Providing a Strong Voice in Westminster
In a short campaign at a crucial time in politics, Luton North will need an MP who can hit the ground running. As well as years of diverse campaigning experience, I already have extensive first hand knowledge of Parliament and am skilled in using the legislative process to achieve tangible results. I have worked to stop some of the worst aspects of Tory legislation in the House of Lords as well written parliamentary questions, speeches, organised lobbies and drafted amendments that have been successfully written into law. I will also use my good working relationship with a number of Labour MPs, including front benchers as well as

Promoting Diversity
As the mixed race daughter of an immigrant with working class roots, I understand the strengths and needs of a diverse community like Luton North. Like many immigrants, my mother came here to work in the NHS. I will continue to be a strong advocate for the benefits of immigration in our communities and the need for integration.

My Commitments to you on crucial issues that effect Luton North are;

PREVENT – Demand a review of this legislation and support scrappage of it if necessary
SRE – Review and find a more sensitive approach with parents/teachers if necessary
KASHMIR – Support for self-determination and peaceful resolutions. If Labour get into power make the Britain voice a voice that is heard again on the international stage.
EMPLOYMENT– Invest in every community, delivering good jobs and skills people need. Commitment to in work learning & social mobility.
NHS– Support the Labour pledge to abolish hospital parking fees and offer free prescriptions to all. STOP the privatization of the NHS and support much needed funding within the NHS.
NES– Support the Labour promise; to create a National Education Service which would abolish all tuition fees and reduce class sizes.
CLIMATE– Highlight and tackle the climate emergency and fight for the thousands of high skilled, high waged green jobs come to Luton.
BREXIT– Support the Labour policy to negotiate a deal within 6 months, and then bring it back to the people to make an informative choice.

I shall be a voice for the many not the few and I shall bring real change to Luton North.

Sarah Owen
Labour Party Parliamentary Candidate
Luton North